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What is ProSolution Plus Pills?


During a few long and tiresome years I have been trying various premature ejaculation supplements, though the vast majority of them is complete garbage. If some of them consist of potent extracts and herbs, many are simply overloaded with fillers that are ineffective. ProSolution + is an innovative formula that has been clinically tested and approved to help diminish symptoms of premature ejaculation, also known as PE.

Once I have learnt about the treatment I was a little concerned, as probably everyone trying the medication. Can a supplement prevent you from "being" too fast? This overview will provide you with all the indispensable information about ProSolution Plus, even such details as the formula, recommendations for use, frequently asked questions, contraindications, etc.

ProSolution Plus is the revolutionary and exclusive over-the-counter treatment that has undergone a clinical study and was ratified to use as a supplement helping men who suffer from premature ejaculation problems. Besides, it is also reported to be of great help in a range of other medical ways:

- Advance Erectile Quality
- Balance and Control Orgasms
- Decrease Stress and Anxiety
- Influences Psychological and Physical Factors connected with sexual drive, performance and desire.

Once you understand how it works, you discover the reasons of its appearance.

The main causes of PE include:

Anxiety - It is the most common reason of premature ejaculation. Yes, such a simple, though frequently disturbing cause can prevent us from healthy sex. Whether it's the first time you have sex, or it is just the first time having it with a new partner, embarrassment and anxiety can become the reason when you go too fast, usually even less than in a few minutes.

Biological Causes - Irrespective of the condition, being it a thyroid problem, abnormal hormone levels or simply bad genes, there is a multitude of biological factors coming into play when talking about premature ejaculation.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction - Males who are afraid of failed climax often attempt to go just as fast as possible, either through visual stimulation or medical. If the action repeats during a long period of time, it can cause PE development. So, now you definitely know the core causes of premature ejaculation, and the next step is to learn how ProSolution Plus can help ease it.

How Does ProSolution Plus Works

The information and standard recommendations about the dosage call for 2 pills a day taken with food and an extra tablet is allowed within 30 minutes before the sexual activity. It is always recommended to start from the lowest possible dosage and assess your tolerance, limiting potential downsides.
ProSolution+ is effective not only against the above problems, though it also helps boost the blood flow to the penile organs stimulating strong erection, assist with orgasm control and improve orgasm function. It does this with the help of a unique mix of active ingredients, which are enumerated below.

ProSolution Plus Ingredients

tribulus terrestris withania somnifera curculigo orchioides mucuna pruriens asparagus adscendens asphaltum

Despite all of these components probably look like Greek, I have personally tried each one and can easily attest to their power and potency. The concentration of natural extracts and herbs is created to work in a definite period of time, with primary results being noticed within a few weeks and great, desirable outcomes vivid in 3-6 months, depending on the severity of the condition and general health peculiarities.

Without a special concern to each mentioned above ingredients, ProSolution Plus was developed to address a lot of the root reasons of premature ejaculation. A great number of these components have been clinically studied and proven over a long period of time. Surely, as with any medication you are taking, there are some possible side effects, so it's recommended to consult a doctor and get sure ProSolution+ is safe for you.

How Will ProSolution+ Help Me?

Due to the results of the research, ProSolution Plus employs a 3-sided approach to return your previous sex life. First of all, the Mucuna Pruriens increases your dopamine levels, while its chemical compound regulates the overall spirits. This will help you feel relaxed and boost pleasure feelings.

Besides, the medication increases the production of Nitric Oxide that is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscle tissue that is filled during erection. Such a relaxation allows the blood flow into the penile organs more actively during erection, thus, stimulating more pleasurable sexual feelings.
In addition, with Tribulus Terrestris usage you will shorten the time between ejaculations. It means you'll have more sessions in less time.

ProSolution Plus Testimonials and Doctor Reviews

ProSolution Plus was recently approved by Dr. Dave David, a Harvard trained physician, who is a licensed surgeon and International caregiver. His service records also include the Patients' Choice awards.

Prosolution Plus Review by Dr. David

Clinical Study

As mentioned before in the review, ProSolution Plus appears to be a unique clinically tested over-the-counter supplement for premature ejaculation that I know. Published in a well-known American Journal of Therapeutics, the study proved thrilling results that could appear within a definite time period. The test lasted for two months, during which 74 males aged 21-60 took ProSolution Plus drugs, while 74 other men took placebo. As a result:

- 48% Improvement in General Sexual Function
- 64% Improvement in Cases of PE
- 67% Improvement in Erectile Dysfunction
- 78% Improvement in Satisfaction and Pleasure Gained from Sex

If you were wondering about the essence of a triple-blind study, you will have a chance to learn about it. As a rule, it is a 3rd party who reviews the data and makes the conclusions between the two groups of people taking different medications.

The 3rd party presented does not know anything about the participants, route of the research, desirable effect, etc. All they do is observe the data and confirm the initial results that have already been gathered. This is definitely a big discovery in the nutraceutical world, as there will undoubtedly be copycats trying to rip off the formula and achieve the same results.

Where Can I Buy ProSolution Plus?

The only place currently available for ProSolution Plus purchase is their official stores, such as: https://www.prosolution-plus.net. Here you can choose different types of checkout methods: buy online, by phone call, mail or fax. Prosolution price for a month supply is rather high, reaching $69.95. HOWEVER, Prosolution Plus price drops dramatically if you buy large quantities! As it takes from 3 to 6 months to get the best results, so it is recommended to order a 4 or 6-month supply to check its effectiveness. (Hint: for best effectiveness try to using Prosolution Plus pills with Prosolution Gel which selling separately but also available like a FREE bonus with ordering 4, 5 or 6-Month Supply!)

ProSolution Plus is definitely available worldwide, in various countries such as the UK, Canada, USA, Europe and Australia. At the time of our Prosolution Plus review, it was not officially sold on Amazon or Ebay(sometimes only from non authorised dillers without official money back guarantee) or any other retail websites. It was not also offered in brick and mortar shops like Walmart, GNC, CVS, Walgreens and others.


I'm excited to see a clinically tested premature ejaculation product pop up on the pharmaceutical market. Over the years, I have experienced too many fads that have definitely and completely turned me off, as I've grown strongly convinced that a solution will never appear.

If you're still looking for an effective treatment that will not only help with premature ejaculation, but also boost erection and increase orgasm quality, ProSolution Plus is definitely for you.