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Looking to buy Chinese herbs direct from the manufacturer?

The Chinese have spent over two thousand years developing and perfecting their herbal formulas in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  What’s unique about the Chinese approach is that it takes the whole body into consideration to achieve physical as well as emotional balance in light of the changing seasons and environments.  This has resulted in powerful and unique herbal formulas that promote health and harmony in the body.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Chinese herbal formulas are available in Chinese TCM concentrates. Produced through a unique extraction process, these are concentrated Chinese herb extracts in which one capsule is 4-5 times as potent as the regular herbal combination.

Buy Nature’s Sunshines Chinese herbs direct at wholesale through and download free brochures about Chinese herbs.

Here, you may create your TCM Group health plan: Using the table below as a guide, purchase 3 months worth of the group that best describes you as you are now.  Each bottle will last 1 month taking just 1 capsule daily of each.  Many customers, after finishing the first 3-month segment, go on to complete the opposite group for the next 3 months to see incredible results in their total wellbeing. Purchase TCM Product Packs here.

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  1. Herbal Health Center Says:

    We have had a lot of success with the following Power Plans for both fungal infections on the hands and feet (found on the website):

    Wart Relief Power Plan (this contains three very powerful herbs that assist fungal detox/eradication). If you want a powerful program, we suggest purchasing the three together and taking them simultaneously.

    Fungal Detox (assists whole body detoxification of fungas, parasites and yeast)

    Additionally, if you buy 40 dollars worth of products or more for your first purchase, you will automatically receive wholesale prices on that first purchase as well as on all products you may purchase from Herbal Health Center for the remainder of the year.

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