Herbs to Prevent Swine Flu

Swine Flu Facts:  Swine flu is a disease caused by influenza, a virus with 8 genes made of RNA, not DNA like our genes.  Symptoms include extreme fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, coughing, sneezing and fever.  Flu usually last longer, hurts more and causes higher fevers than colds.  Flu usually does not cause stomach discomfort in adults.  Swine flu can be caught by people and by pigs.  We can give it to pigs and they can give it to us when we work around them.  The government says we cannot get it by eating pork.

Herbs to assist in managing and preventing flu:

Silver Sol (liquid) – 2 tsp twice daily.  Use the Silver Shield gel on the hands and inside the nostrils 2x daily,  especially for prevention and therapy.  Silver Sol is powerful and is patented for highly infectious agents, including MRSA.
Olive Leaf Extract capsules – 1 to 2 daily.
Chinese VS-C Concentrate (TCM).  This was developed by a Chinese medical doctor for extremely strong viral protection.  It is used when the body is hot or feverish, not when it is cold and chilled.  Suggested Usage – 1 to 2 times daily
Oregano Oil: In the pure form, we use this on the bottom of the feet–3 drops on the bottom of each foot mixed with a little olive oil if the skin is sensitive. This is a powerful oil and can burn tender skin.  Using the pure oil is less expensive than buying it in capsules.
ALJ is for any respiratory attention or symptoms of congestion build up that is oppressive or alarming.  We have clients who have used up to 6 at a time 4x daily for l-2 days for breaking up fluid and congestion in the lungs.

Add a great energy tonic like Mineral Chi to boost immune energy so the above tools are used efficiently.

Dietary recommendation:  we recommend stopping all junk foods sugar, coffee, dairy, red meat, and any food that makes us clear our throats when we eat it (mucus producing).  These types of foods can slow recuperation.  Lots of broth based nutritious soup is the rule along with steamed veggies, fresh fruit, brown rice, fresh fish and organic chicken.  Incorporate a lot of green and herbal teas and fresh carrot and green juices.

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